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Countdown to Competition Series: One Month to Healthy

Preparing in Advance with Electrolytes, Skin and Coat Care, and Joint Support

The best things in life (horses!) take time.  In particular, getting ready for competition season takes thinking ahead and allowing enough time for all the important tasks at hand.  Training.  Recovery.  Diet development.  Mental preparation.  Having the right gear to fit you and your horse.  Meeting the requirements for your competition rules.  And the list goes on…

Making sure you plan in advance to have enough time for all the requirements helps you – and your horse – have a positive competition experience.  So far in the Countdown to Competition Series, we’ve looked at some basic health and conditioning tips to help you prepare for your return to competition, so today we’ll look in more detail at the nutritional support options that take at least a few weeks to reach full effect to give your horse the health advantage that can make a difference in the show ring.

Timing Electrolyte Supplementation

Timing Skin and Coat Development

Timing Joint Support

In preparing for your competition season, allow enough time for nutritional support to take effect in order to promote the health of your horse’s tissues.  Keeping in mind that the stress of training, travel, and competing puts extra strain on your horse’s immune system and natural repair processes, but giving a strong foundation in electrolyte, skin and coat, and joint support can help ease the demands on tissues.  These tissues are much easier and more effectively protected than they are repaired, particularly for the competitive horse.


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