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Science Supplements® USA Supporting “Jump for the Children Horse Show” Benefiting Duke Children’s Hospital

Science Supplements Jump for the Children Duke

The JUMP FOR THE CHILDREN Horse Show – commonly referred to simply as THE DUKE SHOW – is arguably the largest Hunter/Jumper show in North Carolina and is a favorite among competitors and spectators alike. 

Science Supplements® USA jumped at the opportunity to help sponsor this generous series, celebrating over 35 years of raising money for Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center in Durham, NC combined with the thrill of excellence in equestrian athletes.

Jump for the Children is broken into two weeks of events with 10 days of competition.

Duke I ‘Jump for the Children’ Premiere ‘AA’ Benefiting Duke Children’s will be November 4- November 8 at the Governor James B. Hunt Horse Complex at 4601 Trinity Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607 featuring a $30,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix, $10,000 Welcome Jumper, and $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby. 

Duke II ‘Jump for the Children’ II Premiere ‘AA’ Benefiting Duke Children’s will be November 11 – November 15 at the Governor James B. Hunt Horse Complex at 4601 Trinity Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607 featuring a $30,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix, $10,000 Welcome Jumper, and $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby. 

The Virtual Auction Benefiting Duke Children’s Hospital including donation site is available at  Science Supplements® is proud to be offering a great “Shine, Show, & Sip” bucket of goodies this year!

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About Jump for the Children Horse Show

Pat (LaFevers) Holsten is known for her enthusiasm and for her devotion to others. In 1984, the five-year-old daughter of one of Pat’s good friends was diagnosed with leukemia.  “I spent many hours at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center with my friend and her daughter,” said Holsten.  “By being in the hospital, I witnessed firsthand the determination and resilience of those young patients and their families, and the tender care of the doctors, nurses and staff. At the same time, I also saw how families struggled in difficult times trying to cope when their loved ones were ill.”

For Holsten, this experience was life-changing. “I was moved and heartbroken at the same time,” she shared.  “I decided that I had to do something.”

Holsten had participated in horse shows in the past, and it dawned on Holsten to petition Dr. Sam Katz, then chairman of pediatrics at Duke Children’s, to consider holding a horse show to raise money for the hospital.  Holsten envisioned a first-class competition, with special features to honor the hospital’s patients, including fancy ribbons, trophies, dress sheets for the horses and fun parties for the exhibitors and sponsors.  ‘Jump for the Children’ Horse Show held its inaugural, two-day, local horse show on a rainy weekend at the Gov. James B. Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh in November 1984.  “It was all for the kids and purely created out of care and admiration for sick children,” said Holsten.  The event raised $3,000 for Duke Children’s.

The following year, with the dedication and assistance of Helen Idol, a former associate now retired from Duke Children’s, and her friends from the horse community, Holsten expanded the show to a five-day United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) recognized horse show in 1985.

The horse show continued to draw more dedicated members throughout the Triangle. Fueled by their upbringing in horse sports, combined with their love of children and their passion to support the lifesaving work at Duke Children’s, Joan MacNair Petty, her husband Glenn Petty and members of the MacNair family took over the reins of the horse show nine years later in 1994.

“I was not really sure what we were getting into,” said Petty.  “All I knew was that Pat had done an excellent job, and I wanted to continue that legacy and help do my part in raising money for and supporting Duke Children’s.” For the past 23 years that is exactly what Petty, her family and a very dedicated committee of volunteers from across the Triangle’s equestrian community have done.

Under the expert management of the Pettys’ firm, Triangle Farms, the show has grown to a USEF “AA” rated horse show and in 2017 a second week was added, Jump for the Children II. ‘Jump for the Children’ Horse Show is the longest, continuously-held, annual fund-raiser for Duke Children’s.  Each November, ’Jump for the Children’ garners widespread community support from a host of area businesses and individuals. This November, Triangle Farms will celebrate its 35th year of a relationship that has inspired compassion, dedication and support for the kids at Duke Children’s. The horse show has raised $2.1 million to date for Duke Children’s.

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About Duke Children’s Hospital

Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center is dedicated to providing the best possible care for patients we serve today-and discovering treatments that will help the next generation.

Every day at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center, we meet brave children and their families who are in need of hope, answers-and, above all, care. For us, meeting the needs of these children and families serves as the driving force behind every one of our missions-from clinical care and laboratory research to medical education and children’s health advocacy.

At Duke Children’s, we work hard to provide the most advanced, comprehensive care available for infants, children, and adolescents-and the support system that will help every one of our young patients get off to a positive start in life.

From an in-hospital school to a summer camp for the chronically ill children, we offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the unique need of the children we serve and provide stability and comfort in the midst of tremendous challenge. 

Whether it’s be delivering care in bright, child-friendly environments, offering pre-admission tours and fun activities to east children into medical settings, or providing emotional and practical support to help parents cope, Duke Children’s is dedicated to making sure everyone we serve feels special-and truly cared for.  More about Duke Children’s Hospital at


About Triangle Farms

Since 1990 Glenn and Joan Petty have built and operated four farms in Wake County, under the name of Triangle Farms.  The current farm, opened in January 2019, is located just north of Raleigh. Cam Womble, an experienced equestrian in the Triangle, is the Trainer and Manager of the Farm. The mission of the farm is to offer boarding & training for horses and riders interested in showing in hunter/jumper shows. Beginning in 2020 Triangle Farms will offer a Schooling Show Circuit at the “Farm”.

Triangle Farms, Inc. hosts and manages 22 hunter/jumper shows in North Carolina each year, with the goal being to provide quality shows in a positive, friendly environment.  In 1990 Glenn and Joan Petty ran the first Triangle Farms NCHJA ‘C’ show at the farm, and the first Raleigh Indoors USEF National ‘A’ show was held in 1991 at the Gov. James B. Hunt Horse Complex.  Currently there are 9 Triangle Farms ‘C’ Shows, 4 Raleigh Indoors ‘A’ Shows, and 6 Schooling Shows throughout the year. Glenn and Joan also host three USEF Premier ‘AA’ shows at the Horse Complex in Raleigh, the NC State Fair Hunter/Jumper in October and Duke ‘Jump for the Children’ in November.  The ‘Jump for the Children’ shows are Glenn and Joan’s passion, having raised over $2,400,000 for Duke Children’s since the shows’ beginning in 1984.

Joan Petty is actively involved in the horse industry through Triangle Farms with the horse shows and the barn.  Joan also will work again, since her return to North Carolina, as a real estate broker, specializing in equestrian properties as well as home listings and sales for her clients. Glenn serves on many advisory boards in the equine industry and is versed in all breeds.  Glenn retired from the NC Department of Agriculture where he was involved in the design and construction of the Gov. James B. Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh and then as manager.  Glenn is completing his contract in June as the EVP of the Arabian Horse Association.

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About Science Supplements USA

Science Supplements launched its first North America location in 2020 with offices in Greenville SC. This location will offer the same high quality, trusted products produced under the strictest safety and purity guidelines previously only available overseas, as well as offering equine nutrition and management advice at no charge.  Our history of high standards started in 2003 when our founder Dr. David Marlin – a globally regarded leader for equine physiology – saw the need for research based, high standard formulation of equine supplements.  Science Supplements has now grown to an internationally respected company with platforms in 6 countries.  Ingredients are vetted for quality and purity, quantities are backed by clinical trials and proven outcomes, and products are designed for synergy and palatability – all to create truly effective results.  We are so proud to bring a researched, proven, and trusted product line to North America that delivers a wide-range of equine health and performance results. 

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