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Skin, Coat, & Hoof

No Hoof... No Horse!

Poor hoof condition is a common problem with many horses and ponies and may be the result of a poor diet, genetics, or the environment. If hoof problems are left untreated, the hoof could become prone to cracking and splitting, which can lead to pain, lameness, and career ending - or even life ending - disorders.

Turns Out Looks DO Matter...

While a shiny coat and flowing mane and tail are nice to look at, a HEALTHY skin and coat are also a sign of overall wellbeing and can be used as an indicator of your horse's health and immune system.  When horses (or people!) are sick, injured, or under nourished, one of the first organ systems to be ignored by their body is the skin and coat.  By outward appearance, a dull, listless coat with dry, damaged hairs is a sign that the body is not dedicating energy to the skin.  On the other hand, a healthy, shiny, slick coat actually helps the immune system by increasing the integrity of the skin!  The oils in healthy skin that produce that shiny look protect the skin because it’s naturally anti-microbial, reduces friction (blankets, rubbing, tack, etc.), provides water resistance (drying faster reduces fungal growth), and lubricates the hairs and skin, helping the tissues be more resilient against breakage or damage.  So while a glowing, long mane and tail will help in the show ring, the real benefit is knowing your horse has what it needs.

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