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Joint Support for Life

Healthy joints can make the difference. The difference in first and fifth place. The difference in a hobby and a career. The difference in a starter horse and a forever horse. It's no secret that flexion, ease of movement, and rhythm make a difference in a show ring, but the real difference is how the horse feels.  From stiff to showing off... From tight to plenty of height... From "I'd rather we didn't" to "let's keep going".  

FlexAbility Ingredients

Horses, like us, are active throughout life. With horses living longer due to better diet, veterinary care, and management, the horse population is aging, bringing both joys and - literally - pains of older age.  Protecting joints, preventing damage, and alleviating pain of inevitable arthritis should be a goal of every responsible horse owner.

But... joint support isn't just for older horses or horses with injuries! The truth of joint health is you have to protect joints from damage in the first place. Joint tissues - and especially cartilage, ligaments, and tendons - have very limited capacity to heal from injuries. Once injured, our best bet is to offer as much protection and support as possible against inflammation, pain, and further damage so the horse can keep moving. Arguably the best medicine of all is to support joint health before damage occurs, reduce chronic inflammation, and help the joints be able to recover faster from wear and tear.  

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