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Power and the Fuel to Keep Going

Muscle strength, health, and recovery is a key to any training and performance program for horses. From the trail to the track, your horse's muscles must generate the power to produce results with the precision to place every hoof just right.  Horses naturally have a high capacity for strength, but what makes the real difference in a successful horse is the ability to perform repetitious tasks with accuracy, be able to recover from a long days training, and still be at top performance the next day.  Thus, we should be not only supporting muscle growth and power but also the recovery processes that lead to sustainable training results.  

Further, having enough energy from day to day, or even class to class, can make a difference in being able to demonstrate the efforts of your training.  While there could be many reasons why a horse lacks energy overall (temperament, diet, housing, age, etc.), your horse could suffer from a lack of energy if it’s in a temporary negative energy balance. In simple terms, this means that your horse has used up more energy than its getting from the diet.  Providing your horse with additional nutrients throughout a long ride or show day and providing the right recovery support at the end of the work session can help support beneficial energy levels.

We strongly recommend that if you are uncertain about any aspect of your horse or pony's nutrition, diet, health, or well-being, please call the Nutrition Advice Line at (844) SCI-SUPP (724-7877).

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